Frequently Asked Questions

Why A New Booking Platform?

Technology and travel industries are rapidly developing. This is why we decided to redesign and completely rebuild our very own booking platform to ensure it meets current needs in the industry, and is well prepared for any new future requirements. Here are some of the enhancements available on the new booking platform:

- It is very user friendly with a modern yet functional interface
- It makes payment much easier because it includes best-in-class features, such as maximum credit card charge and airline-based methods of payment
- It has numerous search filtering options, making it easier for agents to search for specific flights
- It is optimized for mobile or tablets, fitting for agents who travel or work from home on personal devices
- It provides better post-booking support to manage bookings, including the ability to view up-to-date info that is synchronized with GDS

More great features are coming... please stay tuned!

Using the New Booking Platform

You can use the same website credentials that you used for the old booking engine, however we encourage you to use your RSRP email and password for a more personalized experience.

Please use the Feedback menu item at the top right corner of the screen. You can also send an email to or call 1-905-946-2228 ext. 4 if you want to talk to our support team.

Please submit your suggestions by using the Feedback menu item at the top right corner of the screen. We will periodically review all feedback and suggestions for user interface enhancements, and pass along any design requirements to our development team.

To simplify the user interface, “infants” are now included in the “children” category. Please select “children”, and in the age section, specify "<2 (lap)" or "<2 (seat)" .

Please mention one of the desired payment methods in the Payment section, then clearly explain the rest in the Comments section. We are looking at implementing multiple payment options for the same booking in the near future.

Beside each itinerary you can find a “COPY” link. Just click it and the itinerary will be automatically copied into your clipboard. Then just paste into your email.

Go to My Bookings section, which is the second top menu item from the right.